Vehicle details

Catalogue number: 3
3 of 212
Ford Fiesta 1,4
1.4 Litre, Petrol, 5-gear manual transmission
Category: sub-/compact, Number of doors 5
Engine type: Otto
Fuel type: Petrol
Power output: 59 KW / 80 HP
First registration: 07.2008
Vehicle Identification Number: WF0HXXWPJH8******
Transmission: 5-gear manual transmission
Colour: silver Metallic
Read mileage: 121.000 Kilometres
Total number of owners: 2 Owner
Location: D-82 Germany
Vehicle release: Release of the vehicle will take place at the earliest 3 working days following receipt of payment.

Vehicle documents:

Type of ownership certificate: Ownership certificate
Sending of vehicle documents: The sending of the Ownership certificate will take place at the earliest 15 working day(s) after receipt of payment.
Vehicle document handling: According to price list
Number of keys: 2
Customer service information: Service record not available.
Next general inspection (HU) due: 10.2019
Exhaust gas inspection until: 10.2019
Starting price:2.000 €
Tax: Tax on difference

Demurrage charges:

Starting on 27.02.2019 the daily demurrage for this item will be 6,00 EUR net, plus VAT

Accident / Prior damage

Repaired previous damages:
rep.Unfallschaden,Diverse Gebrauchsspuren
Damage amount: Amount unknown

View of instrument panel

Vehicle extras, add-ons and accessories

• AC
• Airbags:4
• Electric windows front
• Power steering
• Radio, CD
• Remote central locking
• Side mirror electrically adjustable
• Stability program: ESP


• Number of seats : 5
• Fabric: anthracite grey
• Split rear seat

Additional information

2nd set of wheels


Status report / Identified defects

Further technical deficiencies FB ZV ohne Funktion

Tires / Rims / Hub Caps

Tyre type: Winter tyres
  Tyres Rims Hub caps  
  Profile depth Dimension LI DOT Porous Torn Flat Damaged Scratch Damaged Missing  
Left front 7 mm 175/65/14
Left back 7 mm 175/65/14
Right back 7 mm 175/65/14
Right front 7 mm 175/65/14

Second set of wheels

Tyres Summer tyres Alloy wheels: 15 Inches
  Tyres Rims Hub caps  
  Profile depth Dimension LI DOT Porous Torn Flat Damaged Scratch Damaged Missing  
Left front 6 mm 195/50/15
Left back 6 mm 195/50/15
Right back 6 mm 195/50/15
Right front 6 mm 195/50/15

Stone hits / Windscreen

  Damaged Minor stone chip damage Major stone chip damage Crack Replacement recommended Picture
Front section general          

More pictures of stone-chip damage / windscreen:

Beide Frontscheinwerfer matt

Missing parts

• Service record
Bordbuch fehlt


  Damaged Scratch Dent Rust Repainted Picture
Right back side section        
Right front door        
Bumper front centre        

More body photos:

B-Säule links Kratzer und Dellen
Other bodywork damage:
Scratches from car wash


  Damaged Wear Stains Burn Picture
Driver's seat      
Other interior defects
Traces of use

Vehicle collection

Please agree a date by telephone with your contact at the site before you collect a vehicle, stating the internal vehicle number. You can find this on the collection note or on your invoice.

Please note

All vehicles may have additional defects due to wear, mileage or age! (e.g. defect battery, oil leaks, paint defects, repaints, stone chip damage, ...)
A road test and a viewing of the vehicle's underside were not carried out. Missing parts and accessories must be replaced at buyer's own expense.
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