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For over 30 years our staff have been at your side providing competence and passion to drive your used vehicle business forward in the best way possible. As your first point of contact for optimal marketing solutions and attractive vehicle purchases, we have always considered trustworthy and transparent dealings with our partners to be very important. As part of this, it is also obvious to us to let this conviction for our work to also be incorporated in social projects. Of course we are delighted if our commitment is also recognised and honoured. 

Best Brands 2018

For the third time since 2014 the AUTOHAUS and AUTO SERVICE PRAXIS (ASP) specialist publications have given awards to the top brands in the vehicle industry. was able to impress in the “Car auction houses” category and was the image winner. More ...

Goldene Lilie 2016

Many companies from Wiesbaden and the surrounding area assume social responsibility and are involved in public welfare with charitable activities. The “Goldene Lilie” (golden lily) makes this commitment visible. received the coveted award in 2016. More ...

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