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Three ways to get the best used vehicle, one of the largest auction platforms in Europe for high-quality used vehicles, is available to commercial vehicle dealers. Almost all our auctions are now held using this convenient, innovative online format. Every feature integrated there is also available to our registered customers for all mobile applications and ensures that participation in an auction is not stressful – even when you are on the road.

Our experienced auctioneers are also continuing with live-auctions in our auction centres for special events or if there is a specific wish for such an auction and also Netlive auctions, a combination of a live and online auction.

You can find more detailed information here about our three types of auction:


As dealer it is very convenient to bid online from your desk. Our real time auctions are available in 22 languages. All details of the vehicles are already available for viewing online, up to one week before the auction begins. From this time onwards it is possible to make initial bids. For years the name has stood for the highest in data quality: Each vehicle has a comprehensive description in the style of an expert report, and documented with up to 40 photos. So you’re guaranteed not to miss a detail. You can take your time viewing the vehicles, and then bid on your favourites. If it is not possible for you to follow the auction on the actual auction day, you can activate the bidding agent in advance.

On auction day the online auction is then “started”, and all vehicles are auctioned off in sequence, just as in a live auction. Incoming bids are recorded in real time, and displayed on the auction barometer. The Hotbid phase signals the start of the final seconds of the auction, corresponding to the counting down of the auctioneer. If no counter-bids are made against the most recent bid, then the vehicle has been auctioned off. If the final bid is higher than the starting price then the vehicle is immediately released as sold, but if it is lower than the starting price then the vehicle remains subject to a reservation. Here, the vendor must decide whether or not to release the vehicle at this price.

When you purchase a vehicle in an online auction you will receive an e-mail confirmation which includes a brief description of the vehicle and the total sales price. The invoice is available for you under the menu item “Mailbox”. After the auction is over, if the vehicle is still subject to a reservation we will clarify with the supplier as quickly as possible whether the sale will be granted, even under the starting price.  The payment and collection conditions are the same as those of a live auction.

More information about online auctions can be found in our manual.


Let the dynamic atmosphere of a live auction rub off on you and see the auction catalogue on site for yourself. View the vehicles directly before the auction, and give your auction favourites an expert inspection. Then you can take advantage of our free catering to fortify yourself for the auction. In live auctions all vehicles are then driven into the hall in front of the auction stand, in sequence according to their catalogue number; the auctioneer describes them once more, and then the starting price is announced, signalling the start of bidding. You can bid by clearly displaying the bidder number on the bidder card, which each registered dealer receives, or you can raise your hand. The auctioneer acknowledges this once more by a motion of the hand and repetition of the current bidding price. Once the last bid is made, the auctioneer counts down the bidding. If no new bid is made then the hammer falls. If the highest bid is still under the starting price then the vehicle is subject to a reservation, and the vendor must make a decision whether or not to release the vehicle. But if the bid is higher than the starting price then the vehicle has been legally sold to the highest bidder.

After that, in the auction centre you will receive the invoice for the vehicles you have purchased. Please note that you cannot pay in cash on location for the vehicles!

The vehicles can only be collected once the invoice amount has been posted on the indicated account.


Successfully combine the two forms of auction, live and online. As dealer you can bid along either on location or online at your desk.

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