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Auktion & Markt AG’s story


The publicly appointed and duly sworn auctioneer Karl Rolf Muth founds the company Auktion & Markt. Initially, used vehicles are offered for sale in live auctions to dealers and private individuals.


Auktion & Markt holds vehicle auctions exclusively for registered motor vehicle dealers; private buyers do not have access anymore.


For the first time Auktion & Markt establishes its own auction centres in Germany and opens offices abroad.


An online auction platform for used vehicles is launched: Since then has become one of the most experienced and successful B2B platforms in Europe.


Auktion & Markt assumes the legal form of a corporation. Since then the CEO has been the founder and owner, Karl Rolf Muth.


The subsidiary “Auktion & Markt Autobid S.L.” is founded in Spain to take care of customers there.


The vision of combining live and online auctions takes shape in the form of the first so-called Netlive auctions. In these auctions, dealers can bid along both live on location as well as online, in the comfort of their own office.


Offices are opened in Luxemburg, Romania and Poland.


The Auction Centre Baltic States opens in Riga.

2010 is available in 22 languages.


The exclusive connection with the partner market webmobil24 is established. Now it is possible to directly export vehicles purchased in auctions.

Auktion & Markt’s quality management and environmental management systems are certified. offers the first App for mobile use.

2012 is introduced onto the market as independent brand of Auktion & Markt AG, incorporating all business divisions. is the first license partner abroad.


The new Division, property auctions, is being established and will operate as a second brand alongside from now on.

The new Consulting Division expands the range of services offered by


The new Classicbid division is starting business operations – trading and auctions with classic cars.

2016 introduces the Notification Center so that customers can always be kept up to date about their individually configured status reports.

Auktion & Markt received the GOLDENE Lilie 2016. An award from the City of Wiesbaden for outstanding company commitment.

2017 launches a new app with a sophisticated bidder function in 22 languages onto the market.


The brand was awarded the "BEST BRANDS 2018 Winner" as the image winner in the "Car auction houses" category.

The ClassicX café & restaurant has been providing culinary highlights in the Classicbid Zentrum Rheinhessen since 2018.


In an independent selection procedure, Auktion & Markt AG impressed in particular with its innovative processes and organisational structures and received the "TOP 100 Innovator 2019" award.

2020 is once again one of the top brands in the vehicle industry and was awarded the “BEST BRANDS Winner 2020” in the car auction house category.

Auktion & Markt is receiving certification for its management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Important to know

As owner-operated company, for years Auktion & Markt has promoted growth by building long-term business relationships based on trust. Personal contact and a close relationship with our customers – regardless whether suppliers or buyers – are of fundamental importance to us. It’s not for nothing that virtually the entire board of management will be familiar to you from seeing them on the auction platform at one time or another. 

Being on the cutting edge of auction activity and at the hub of the market are just as important to Auktion & Markt AG’s company philosophy as the continual use of new technologies with the brand That is how we link the tradition of an auction company that has more than 30 years' experience in thousands of auctions with innovations of the future.

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