Az az Auktion & Markt AG márkája Az az Auktion & Markt AG márkája


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30 years of auctions with a passion! 
30 years of Auktion & Markt.

It all began in 1988

Back then, Karl Rolf Muth organized
the first car auction for dealers and
customers in Wiesbaden, and later
in Mainz. After the first successfully
auctioned off vehicles, from then on
auctions took place once a week,
on Mondays. Until then, the publicly
appointed and duly sworn auctioneer
had only auctioned off art & antiquities,
in the classic manner. Auctioning off cars
was completely uncharted territory in Germany at this time.

That’s why the beginnings – as is so often the case in success stories – turned out
to be so much more difficult than expected. “At first, they all laughed at me, because
this method of marketing was completely unknown in Germany. But I had seen such
car auctions in the USA and England,” explains our pioneer of the car auction world.
"But then people realized that something brilliant had been set in motion here." 

The company’s founder

“At first, they all laughed at me, back then, because this method of marketing was completely unknown in Germany.”

Auctions with
the atmosphere of a public festival

On Sundays the cars were parked in a former 
car dealership in Wiesbaden for viewing, and 
on Monday evening the auction was held. 
“Somewhere along the way the viewing on 
Sunday developed a sort of public festival at-
mosphere,” says the CEO of Auktion & Markt AG, 
today. “Hundreds of people came, had a look at 
the used cars, and enjoyed a morsel from the 
barbecue, even though there were only roughly 
a 100 cars on offer.” And then, on auction day 
itself, the auctioneer went from car to car, with 
a crowd of people in tow, auctioning off the 
vehicles. At this time, the company was com-
prised of two people, and grew into an effective
team over the years.

In 2001, a decision was made to concentrate business exclusively on the automobile
trade. With new employees, the business of mobile auctions crystallized under the
motto “The auction house comes to you”, and hundreds of auctions were held across
Germany, on location at dealers.

Launch into a new era

Already two years later the Internet auction platform was launched, 
through which the company became one of the pioneers of the time in the online 
sector. Because, who would have thought that car dealers would pay several thou-
sand euros for vehicles, without having first seen them in person? 

Nowadays almost all the vehicles are auctioned online. The many years we were physically present on the market was certainly an important factor that played a role in today’s success in online business. Dealers throughout Europe trust us, because they know we have a history of healthy growth, and we understand our business, but we are still a very down-to-earth company.

A partnership for the future

The strong demand for professional auctions for the trade and also the close 
cooperation with outlets and manufacturers brought about rapid growth, which 
was clearly demonstrated in the founding of separate centres and in the rising 
number of employees. Today, Auktion & Markt AG has more than 300 employees, 
mainly in Germany.

"We will also continue to place great emphasis on one thing in the future – 
collaboration based on mutual trust with our partners, either as a buyer, supplier 
or service-provider. We would like to you thank you very much for this and we 
look forward to a joint, successful future in one of the most exciting markets in 
the world – the automobile trade!", stated the company's founder Karl Rolf Muth.

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