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FAQ and Corona

How can I find out whether a location still supplies vehicles?

For updates please refer to our homepage For all external locations, please contact the respective vehicle location independently. You will find contact details on the corresponding pick-up slip.

Do I have to pay for an auctioned vehicle although I am unable to collect at the moment?

Yes, every auctioned vehicle must be paid in full. Only then can we make sure that you can still collect vehicles or, in the event that collection is, you being entiteld to pay reduced stall fees.

Due to the Corona situation my car dealership is currently closed, do I have to pay special attention to something?

Please make sure that you are able to receive shipments from our courier service GO! otherwise we are currently unable to deliver vehicle documents to you. If this is not possible at your car dealership, please provide us with an alternative address if necessary. If it is not at all possible for you to accept current shipments, please let us know as well. We will then keep the vehicle documents for you for the time being. 



What is a live auction?

In live auctions you can bid for vehicles only on location at the auction centre. The procedure consists of presenting each vehicle consecutively in the auction hall and auctioning off each one individually. It is possible to view the vehicles starting two hours before the auction starts. The auction catalogue can be downloaded as PDF file beforehand.

What is an online auction?

In online auctions it is only possible to bid for vehicles online at our auction platform Once an auction is placed online, from then on it is possible to make bids. The online auction concludes with the Hotbid phase (refer to FAQ " Auctions " Hotbid phase).

What is a Netlive auction?

Netlive auctions are a combination of live and online auctions. You can participate either on location or online at our auction platform

What are open auctions, and what are exclusive auctions?

In an open auction any registered bidder can bid for vehicles. In exclusive auctions (e.g. BMW Group) only certain buyer groups (e.g. BMW contract partners or BMW subsidiaries) can access the auctions and bid for vehicles.


What conditions must be met to register?

You are a commercial motor vehicle dealer and the motor vehicle dealership must be registered as your main livelihood. You are not qualified to register if the motor vehicle dealership is listed as secondary livelihood in your registration of the business.

Which documents must I submit for registration?

First, please completely fill out the registration form and have the copy of the personal identity card of the owner/managing director/member of the board of management or individually liable partner ready at hand, as well as the commercial register entry and your registration of the business. We require the commercial register entry in the case of the following kinds of companies: GmbH [limited liability company], GmbH & Co. KG [limited partnership with limited liability company], KG [limited partnership], OHG [general partnership], AG [PLC], e.K. [registered merchant], Ltd. UG (limited liability).

Then you will receive confirmation of registration via e-mail. This must be signed and stamped three times. After all the necessary documents have been sent and checked, you will receive your access data, which will also be sent by e-mail.

How much will registration cost me?

In principle registration is free for customers from Germany and outside the EU.

How long does the registration process take?

Your documents will be checked by our team to ensure they are complete and correct. This process can take two to a maximum of four days.


How can I participate in an auction?

As successfully registered customer you will receive a bidder number which allows you to participate in all live auctions in the auction centre. You will also receive a password and can choose your own user name. You can use this access data to participate in online auctions at

I can't log in. What could be the reason for this?

  1. You have open accounts which you haven't yet paid.

  2. Your address has changed and you haven't yet sent us a document to show a change of address for your business.

  3. You haven't yet accepted our current General Terms and Conditions of Business, and the receipt of electronic invoices or our current price list.

May we help you? Please call our customer service on +49 611 44796-55.

Can I participate in all auctions?

All registered customers can participate in open auctions. Exclusive auctions can only be accessed by certain groups of buyers (e.g. exclusive BMW auctions).

How do I find a vehicle?

There are two ways to search for vehicles:

  1. way: Click on “Buy” and then on “Vehicle search” (select according to vehicle criteria: e.g. manufacturer, model, type of transmission, mileage).

  2. way: Click on “Buy” and then on “Dates” (select according to specific auction dates).

Tracking vehicles

Create your own personal auction catalogue. This allows you to track progress in auctions of vehicles you have chosen personally, and provides you with an overview you can view at any time of the chosen portfolio of vehicles you are interested in. You can open up the list of your vehicles at any time under the menu item "Tracked vehicles".

What is a starting price? What is a reserve price?

The starting price is the price at which a vehicle is always clear for sale. However, it is also possible to make bids under the starting price. The amount permitted for the first bid is displayed under the bid field on the barometer page. If the auction ends and the highest bid is still under the starting price then the vehicle is subject to a reservation. The supplier can now decide to either release the vehicle for sale or refuse the price that was bid. Clarification of a reservation can take up to a maximum of 72 hours. Even when subject to a reservation, your bid is binding.

What is an auction barometer?

The auction barometer is the central element of our auction platform. It clearly displays each bid offered, together with the associated user name. This makes it easy to keep track of bidding progress at any time. Bids in the red area (lower than the starting price) are still subject to a reservation. Bids in the green area (higher than the starting price) are automatically not subject to a reservation, and the associated vehicles are sold to the highest bidder.

Please note: In cases of auctions of the BMW Bank and the BMW Group you only see your own user name. Other bids are marked with the name "bidder". When you take part online in a Netlive auction, bids which are made on location are displayed as "Livebid".

What is the Hotbid phase?

When a vehicle is in the Hotbid phase this means that the auction will shortly end. The Hotbid phase is your last chance to make bids, and is similar to the final countdown of the auctioneer in a live auction. The Hotbid phase is usually 15 seconds long. The Hotbid phase is reset every time a bid is made during this time. The auction only ends after the Hotbid phase is over, and the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder.

What is a bidding agent?

The bidding agent bids automatically up to the highest bid which you define. It can be activated at any time. Other bidders cannot see the highest bid you have defined.

Making bids

There are three ways to make a bid:

  1. You can bid in steps of 100 €, 200 € and 500 €.

  2. You can bid any amount you decide on yourself. Other bidders can see this bid.

  3. You can activate a bidding agent which automatically bids for you in steps of 100 € up to the highest bid you have defined. Other bidders cannot see the highest bid you have defined.

Purchasing vehicles

The vehicle is sold to you on condition that the auction has come to an end, you are the highest bidder, and the price is higher than the starting price (in green). You will receive an e-mail as confirmation. The vehicle could also be subject to a reservation, which means the supplier must decide whether or not to sell the vehicle at the given price. Even when subject to a reservation, your bid is binding. You will receive notice later via e-mail whether your bid has been accepted or not.

For more information about registration, how an online auction works, searching for vehicles, the auction barometer, Hotbids, the bidding agent, tracking vehicles, and much more please read our manual under “Service”.

Processing the sale

What auction costs can I expect?

Please read our price list for more information about costs.

Paying for vehicles

Please always transfer all payments for vehicles to the account indicated on the invoice. The invoice amount is due immediately. You will find the invoice in your mailbox directly after the auction.

In cases of invoices for vehicles which are taxed according to § 25a UStG [VAT Act], why is there no VAT visible on the surcharge?

If not otherwise indicated, we auction off vehicles in our own name and on our own account. That means we are a supplier, and not a broker of the goods. So the surcharge is always part of the total purchase price, just as in a delivery of goods, for example, where the charges for shipping and packaging are calculated in addition to the purchase price.

Therefore, the surcharge is a supplementary payment for the main service (vehicle delivery) and is treated, in terms of VAT, in a similar way. 

Deliveries subject to differential taxation are regulated in § 25a UStG. According to this no VAT may be visibly indicated. Clause 1 also explicitly mentions auctions in one's own name. In section 276a clause 2 of UStR [value added tax guideline] 2008 there are more supplementary regulations.

Collection of vehicles

After you have purchased a vehicle online, the pickup slip will be ready for you under the menu item "Mailbox" as soon as the invoice amount has been posted on our account. In some cases it’s possible that the sending of the pickup slip can take a bit longer. You can find more information about this in the description of the respective vehicle under “Vehicle release”. Please note: in the case of online auctions all of the vehicles you have purchased in an auction must first be paid for before you receive the pickup slips. 

Pickup slips authorize you to collect the vehicles you have purchased. Please notify the contact person listed on the pickup slip at least one working day before collecting the vehicle. Important: If you do not take possession of the vehicle in person please provide another person/a logistics company with a written authorization! The authorized person will need to have their identity card with them, as well as a copy of the identity card of the person granting the authority.

When will I receive the vehicle documents?

You can find more information about this in the description of the respective vehicle under “Sending of vehicle documents”.

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