è un marchio della Auktion & Markt AG è un marchio della Auktion & Markt AG


Sapere quali obiettivi raggiungere. Per affrontare il futuro con certezza. is once again the image winner in the vehicle industry. Many thanks for your vote!

For the fourth time since 2014 the AUTOHAUS and AUTO SERVICE PRAXIS (ASP) specialist publications have given awards to the top brands in the vehicle industry. A competition, which takes place every two years. As part of the New Year’s reception at the specialist publisher Springer Automotive Media, the winners in 13 categories were honoured with the “Best Brands” award on 16 January 2020 in Sofitel Hotel Munich.

Quelle: Jörg Schwieder/Rainer Wolfsfellner/AUTOHAUS

The brand is at the top once again

After second place in 2016, Auktion & Markt AG had already achieved first place in the “Car auction house” category with its brand in 2018. And again in 2020 the major competitors were left behind – practically in sequence. The company’s founder and Chairman of the Board Karl Rolf Muth and Board member Günter Kaufmann were delighted to receive the prize in front of the assembled major figures in the industry. Approximately 350 leading representatives from the worlds of business, industry, politics and services – more than ever before – travelled to Munich that evening for a festive start to the new car year.

Quelle: Jörg Schwieder/Rainer Wolfsfellner/AUTOHAUS

Image – an important factor for success

Image plays a decisive role both when making purchase decisions and decisions for or against a service-provider. Regardless of whether it’s about tyres, workshop equipment, lubricants or a car auction house. The image of the relevant provider is a factor in all areas, which cannot be overestimated. This is because logically a positive image creates trust and therefore simplifies buying decisions in an increasingly complex market. For the provider this means: Only those who continuously support their brand and invest in their image focussing on customers, will also be successful in the long term.

Best Brands as a measure of popularity

Every two years the “BEST BRANDS” survey carried out by the “puls” market research institute determines the providers in the industry with the best image on the representative basis of approximately 500 AUTOHAUS and asp readers. For the latest survey in 2020 over 12,000 reviews were submitted for approximately 100 companies from 13 product categories. The result provided the current “favourite brands” of car dealerships and workshops – and was among them once again.

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