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Stop! Co tydzień w ofercie do 4000 pojazdów.

Welcome to Europe’s largest auction platform – exclusively for the used car trade!

On our B2B car auction platform we auction up to 1,500 vehicles every day - from top suppliers and exclusively for the used car trade. 

There you can find all brands, all models, all vehicle types. Together with a comprehensive service package – as you would expect from one of the leading used car sellers in Europe!

Simply  register now with your dealer identity (see right-hand column) and then access our wide range directly in the  open auctions! Or just familiarise yourself with our current auctions first. You can find an overview on our  schedule page.

Don’t want to miss any more buying opportunities?

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Profitable vehicle purchases in just a few steps

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View our comprehensive auction range. There are always new offers waiting for you.

3. Place a bid
You can participate in our online auctions at any time. All the info about the vehicle location and the special conditions on vehicle transport can be found at  

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